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In Italy, digital purchases for Tourism and Travel are worth 20% of the market

According to the fourth edition of the Digital Innovation Observatory in Tourism at the School of Management of the Politecnico of Milano, at the end of 2017, the Italian tourism market – which considers both the purchases of Italians in our country or abroad and those of foreign tourists in Italy – will be worth over 55 billion euros, up 4% from 2016.
Growth is generated mainly by the digital component which, with a total value of nearly 11.2 billion euros, accounts for more than a fifth of the market and marks a 9% increase over the previous twelve months, while the traditional component grows of 3% and will reach 43.8 billion.

If you divide the digital market into the three surveyed products – Accommodation, Transportation and Travel Packages – the percentages are close to 2016: the transport sector collects 73% of the market, followed by accommodation facilities by 15% and travel packages by 12%.

42% of the “voraci digitali”, mostly using the internet for bookings as a marketplace where multiple cross-buying logic stimuli make purchasing a product tow than others. These spend more than average, make more use of mobile phones and book ahead.
The “digital selections”, which is 58%, instead book more last minute and use the Net but less intensively, especially for research and sharing.

Going to consider the offer of the Italian tourist system, the sector in which digital transformation has made more progress is that of accommodation structures that are currently in control of the transition from the adoption of digital instruments to an effective government of the same.

The rate of adoption of digital instruments by the accommodation facilities is now high both for promotion activities and for booking.
Structures that manage to have a higher percentage of direct bookings are those that focus on a stable relationship with the customer and use promotional tools such as email marketing to their own contacts.

A separate discourse deserves catering, which, although it does not address an exclusively tourist target, is the most booked tourist activity of digital tourists. The restaurateurs are active on the reviews. They are, however, still interested in digital photography for internal process management and customer care and reservations.

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