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In Italy, digital purchases for Tourism and Travel are worth 20% of the market

According to the fourth edition of the Digital Innovation Observatory in Tourism at the School of Management of the Politecnico of Milano, at the end of 2017, the Italian tourism market – which considers both the purchases of Italians in our country or abroad and those of foreign tourists in Italy – will be worth over 55 billion euros, up 4% from 2016.
Growth is generated mainly by the digital component which, with a total value of nearly 11.2 billion euros, accounts for more than a fifth of the market and marks a 9% increase over the previous twelve months, while the traditional component grows of 3% and will reach 43.8 billion.

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Piemonte awarded as the most connected area in Italy for presence of wifi and connectivity in tourist facilities – the map of wifi in Piedmont

Piedmont is one of the regions awarded by the Turism Oscar for digital reputation from  Travel Appeal, a start-up participated by H-FARM, which monitors and analyzes online data relating to tourism operators, within the Digital Destination 2017 report. Piedmont has been rewarded as the most connected area with more presence of wifi and connectivity in tourist facilities. Leggi tutto »