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Piedmont is full of beautiful castles and towers

Piedmont is rich in Castles and Towers, which are more than 140 from Alexandria to Vercelli, from Asti to Turin, from Biella to Cuneo. In addition to the very famous ones there are some jewels to discover. In Asti do not miss the Castle of Castelnuovo Calcea, that of Costiglione d’Asti, that of Monastero Bormida. In Biella, the castle of Castellengo in Cossato, that of Montecavallo in Vigliano Biellese. In Novara the prodigious manor house of Oleggio Castello.

In the province of Alessandria you can not miss the Castle of Camino, the castle of Morsasco, those of Torre Ratti in Borghetto of Bombera, Cremolino, Redabue in Masio, Piovera, Prasco, Rocca Grimalda, Uviglie in Rosignano Monferrato, by Taglilo Monferrato and Trisobbio.

In the province of Cuneo, the castle of Alfieri di Magliano, the castle of Mango, the castle of Manta, that of Govone, Monesiglio, Monteu Roero, Rocca de ‘Baldi, Saliceto, Sanfrè and Serralunga d’Alba.

What to do in the Weekend in Piedmont, all appointments from October 13th to 15th: from Turin Design of the City to the Paglio Ragliante of Calliano, passing through the Barbera Fish Festival in Agliano Terme.

Autumn air is here! We will point you out some weekend events from 13 to 15 October 2017:

In the province of Alessandria: ending the Piano Echos show that has involved various Monferrato’s realities with a series of exciting concerts.

In the province of Novara: at Prato Sesia, the Chestnut Festival at the same time as the motorcycle and car radio. Leggi tutto »

What to do in the Weekend in Piedmont, all the appointments from 6 to 8 October: in Alba the 87th White Truffle Fair in Acqui Terme Exhibiting 2017 while in Turin dancing with the Reset Festival and walking among the books with Portici di Carta

We will point you some weekend events from 6 to 8 October 2017:

In the province of Cuneo: the first weekend for the 87th Alba White Truffle Fair, which attracts more than 600,000 people every year; at the Courtyard of Maddalena you will find Wine Tasting Experience. The Wine Tour of the Langhe, on the roads of the Dogliani – Wineries in the Northwest and on the departure from Alba, in Bastià Mondovì. At Nucetto instead the Cece Festival. Leggi tutto »